Tuesday Tip # 9: Nausea

The root cause for feeling nauseous can be many things from acidity, accumulation of toxins in the liver, pregnancy, worms, food poisoning, the flu, etc…depending on the cause, the long-term solution may vary.

In the meantime, here are 5 #tuesdaytips that can help relieve the feeling of nausea, in general circumstances:


#1 Chew on 1-2 cardamom seeds

#2 Drink 1-2 tsp of equal parts ginger and onion juice

#3 Slowly lick on equal parts of a mixture of fresh lemon juice and honey

#4 Drink 1 cup of coconut water (fresh from a coconut or raw coconut juice) with 1 tsp fresh lemon juice. For a child, a sips every 15 minutes or so.

#5 Reduce eating spicy and acidic foods, especially if this feeling is occurring quite often.

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