Tuesday Tip # 7: Dry Skin

Is your skin starting to feel dry, getting slightly cracked? Now’s the time to nip this in the bud before we move into the dry season aka Autumn.

As we approach Autumn,  the dry quality in the air becomes more apparent. Depending on where you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, the quantity of dryness will vary. Over the past few months, the sun’s energy has been prominent and over time it’s heat begins to dry out the moisture from the environment.  This also happens to us internally. Over the summer we may have accumulated extra heat from just being out in the sun, our foods, etc.  This exposure to heat, can lead to dry skin, especially as we move closer to the Fall season—when the air too is dryer.

Here’s 4  #tuesdaytips that can help with and/or prevent dry skin

#1. Dispel excess heat from the body.  Avoid eating acidic foods and overly spicy foods (red chili).

#2. Eat good fat. Ensure you are getting at least 1 tablespoon of good fat a day like ghee or #coconut oil. Both cool the body internally and taste great!

#3. Drink warm herbal tea throughout the day. Enjoying warm teas like cooling licorice, lavender,  fennel,  mint,  and coriander throughout the day is like a gentle cleanse to the lymphatic system. It will help keep channel clear and the nutrients flowing.

#4. Live the oily life. Apply cooling coconut while it’s still hot outside and then convert to warming sesame oil when the temperature drops. This is great to do right after getting out of the shower. Aside from keeping your skin moist, it also helps with other Fall imbalances like anxiety.

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