Tuesday Tip # 6 : Taking Herbs

In most cases, self-medicating with herbs are safe. But don’t underestimate their force as they too are a part of—#mothernature. 

Tuesday Tip # 6 #taking herbs #chitchaatchai

Based on key questions that well-trained Ayurveda Practitioners/Doctors consider when prescribing herbs (especially #2 & #3), here are some key questions & tips to ask before purchasing and self-medicating with herbs.

1. How was the herb sourced? This is important not only for knowing the herb’s potency, but also the ethics behind how the herb was cultivated and processed. Herbs grown with good energy brings you good energy.

2. Do the qualities of the herbs support the entire person or are they treating the symptoms only.  In accounting for the whole being, practitioners also take into account the long term effect herbs can have on an individual. There are many herbs that treat similar symptoms, but not all herbs are right for all beings. The herb’s quality along with it’s heating and cooling energy are key facts to consider for optimum results.

3. Are the herbs blended with other herbs or one singular herb? Ensuring herbs are blended for balance will help ensure you to retain balance. This is the most important tip to keep in mind. Choose herb blends versus singular herbs—it’s a safer route.

4. If it’s available in the spice aisle then skip the supplements & cook with it.  Eating herbs on a daily basis is the best way to prevent most diseases.  Create a kitchen pharmacy and engage all your senses with these herbs – it’s a really powerful way to reap the benefits on a daily basis. Plus, spices are not just digestive aides, they too are filled with vitamins and minerals—so #spiceitup!

Herbs are a powerful force that have probably existed longer than humans—#respect.  

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