Tuesday Tip # 2: Anxiety

One of the best natural therapies for anxiety is abhyanga or daily oil massage.

IMG_2443I continue to read and hear from people who practice applying oil to their body daily and they have seen tremendous results in reducing anxiety. Here’s 2 tips on the type of oil and when to apply it.

Organic Sesame Oil is the best choice. It’s naturally warming to the body, it’s a heavy oil and it seeps deep into all the seven tissues, per the wisdom of Ayurveda.  Think of it as a holistic blanket that is giving you an internal hug. You can purchase the same organic sesame oil that is sold in the oil aisle of your local market (it’s cheaper and the same oil in a less fancy bottle).
Applying the oil: first thing in the morning is ideal. Massage up and let the oil soak into your skin (our largest organ) for a minimum of 15 minutes, prior to showering. An alternative for when you are on the go, is to apply the oil right after showering when the pores are still open.
This is also a great daily practice for women who are pre or post menopause. 

Holistic practices take time and lifestyle changes. They can be challenging at times, but once they become part of your daily routine, they bring long-term benefits. It’s a practice. Set the intention. Have faith. These are time tested remedies stemming from ancient wisdom.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. The information is not intended for use in the medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease, even if and to the extent that this article features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.


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