1. Rose Eye Pads: Cool Down Alochaka Pitta.

One place pitta strongly resides within the body are the eyes. After a long day in the sun or if your eyes are feeling a little sensitive to light, soak two organic cotton pads or thin slices of organic cucumber in a rose hydrosol or food grade rose water. Place pads on the eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes while lying down. Visualize your favorite shade of cooling blue and gently flowing water while taking deep breaths using a count of four with each inhale and exhale. The cooling energy of roses will extract excess heat from the eyes, where alochaka-pitta resides and help soothe the eyes. This can also be done to the entire face to calm redness and sunburn, but you will need a lot more pads!

2. Cold Infusion of Rose & Mint:

An aromatic, hydrating elixir, we like to refer to this as Venus Water.  A rose infused water that evokes the Venusian energy of bliss and love. Fill up a thermos and take it on a road trip, hike or enjoy as an afternoon mocktail. Each sip is like aromatherapy. It will soothe, calm and encourage deep breaths.  This quick and easy infusion is also a great way to dazzle friends or take a thermos with you on your next spa day. For more rose recipes click here.

Rose Water Ayurveda

3. Rose Eye Drops: Redness be Gone!  

Using a clean dropper, fill it with a few drops of rose hydrosol, then squeeze a few drops into the eyes. We received this treatment with the heritage brand of rose hydrosol at The Ayurvedic Institute and it felt great! A cooling relief in a hot and dry environment. If this sounds a little uneasy feeling, a great alternative is the rose eye pads, see tip # 1.

4. Rose Spritzer: Instant Cool Down

It’s amazing what a few spritzes of rose hydrosol can do on a hot summer day. Whether you are walking down the street, on a hike, experiencing hot flashes or attending to a screaming child. A few spritzes and it’s like Calgon take me away! Food grade rose water also works great just pour some into a small spray bottle and spritz away. A carry in your car, or purse or backpack must!

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