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Tuesday Tip # 4: Bloating

Do you feel bloated after you eat or every time you eat or before your monthly cycle?

Tuesday Tip # 4 #bloated #chitchaatchai

It’s likely your digestive fire needs a little boost.
Here’s 3 easy #tuesdaytips to re-ignite the digestive fire. 

#1 Drink fennel ginger tea a couple times during the day for at least 1 week. I like to take 1 T of fennel seeds & a few slices of fresh ginger, put it in my
keen add boiling water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. I keep refilling this throughout the day until all the flavor runs out.

#2 Avoid cold foods. Opt for warm and cooked meals to avoid putting out the digestive fire. Embrace food that a baby can digest and avoid cold raw foods like kale and chard.

#3 Spice it up! Add  a mixture of carminative spices to every meal.  Spices are like natural digestive aides that not only help food to digest but strengthen the digestive tract.  

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