Rucha Tadwalkar, guest writer

Author Pic: Rucha Tadwalkar

Rucha grew up always being surrounded by spirituality. Both her parents had their own practices with yoga, meditation, and chanting mantras. As a child she was taught meditation by her father and began a consistent japa mala practice that lasts till today. Growing up learning vedic and yogic philosophy in combination with attending talks by swamis and studying Sanskrit, Rucha has created a daily spiritual ritual that has transformed the way she lives her life.

As a Certified Level I and II Meditation Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor, she guides others to find and create their own individual practices. Without going inward, we cannot cultivate the self-awareness that brings sustained happiness and peace.

Rucha began Shanti Path out of love for her meditation practice and wanting to help others cultivate that same tranquility within themselves and in their lives. What started as classes has grown into guiding others to create their own individualized spiritual rituals through private sessions, Meditation Parties, and workshops. Rucha inspires others to maintain their own practice through Shanti Path Meditation Kits, portable mini-altars that serve as starter kits contained within small pouches that can easily be transported and set-up anywhere. As the owner of Shanti Path, Rucha envisions her business as a mindful stop along one’s journey to gain new personal insights and knowledge and to discover the tools to a path of sustained joy and long-lasting peace that can be used throughout one’s lifetime. 

Rucha serves as a Spiritual Coach, inspiring others to simplify, reflect, and make time for silence. As of January 2017, Rucha has been meditating every single day for 2 years. Additionally, Rucha is a published writer and has worked with non-profit organizations for over 15 years.

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