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chit.chaat.chai is a multimedia platform with a focus on food, community, wellness & lifestyle, inspired by Ayurveda. A holistic health system rooted in the art of consciously living in harmony with nature. In this spirit, we curate content to foster living sustainably with balance, integrity, and vitality for individual, collective and environmental well-being.
Living in the information age of constant change, we believe in cultivating our seeds in a self-empowering, time-tested science. Where the knowledge is vast and deeply entrenched in the interconnection between the mind, body, and soul. Traveling wide and far into an array of topics. Promoting vitality and sustainability, beyond individual wellness. We believe this universal knowledge keep us grounded and guides our work. Our platform brings together like-minded people who share our values, vision, and approach. With an understanding that knowledge has the ability to foster inner wisdom, and can guide our choices. We take an insightful, educational, curious, open-minded, service-oriented approach. Knowing we have agency in cultivating a balanced, vital and sustainable life.

chit.chaat.chai originally came to fruition in 2010, as a blog and pop-up restaurant out of Long Beach, California. Our founder, Rumin’s intention was to create mindful eating experiences rooted in Ayurveda. While introducing guests to a variety of spices and food from the Kathiawar region of India. In 2015, she re-launched the platform with the intention of creating a community-driven platform. Sharing the full scope of Ayurveda through the voices of experts in the field to retain its authenticity in today’s time. 

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