4 Rose-y Ways to Stay Cool

Roses are summertime’s queen of the floral court. A sniff of her petals and she’ll have you wrapped in bliss with her sweet, intoxicating aroma. Feeling grounded, calm and cool even on the hottest of summer days.

When pitta (fire + water) dosha is at its peak, roses are the aromatic elixir to balance the lower quality flames. From emotional outbursts, anxiety, to heat-related pitta headaches, roses cooling energy and sweet aroma is medicine for the spirit. Awakening loving, compassionate and peaceful vibrations to support a mind-body balance.

In Ayurveda, aroma (to smell) is connected to the grounding earth element. Even on the hottest of days, when it’s hard to move, think or breathe deep, aroma grabs ahold of attention. A compelling scent can vie one to sniff and sniff again. Encouraging the breath to become longer and deeper. Deep breath then activates the circulation of stagnated air within the body. Helping to release pent-up tension and bring forth a moment of calm.


While an array of pleasant aromatics can promote a deep breath, roses are also noted for evoking bliss. Providing nourishment for the brain and the nervous system. Their magic elixir comes from their sweet aroma. Tugging at the heart like the most loving of words. Sweet or madhura (sanskrit), is connected with the emotion of love and is composed of the earth and water elements. In Ayurveda, these elements are associated with cultivating compassion, patience and helping ground restless qualities.

In general, sweet also tends to be of a sattvic nature. An inherent energy that brings stillness and peace. Roses intrinsic quality counterbalances the rajasic nature of transformation and passion, commonly associated with the summer season.

These thorny plants maybe revered across cultures for their beauty, but their medicine lies in their scent. Using rose essential oils can be beneficial, yet expensive. Alternatively, rose hydrosols and food grade rose water are two wonderful, affordable options. They can be used in multiple ways to ground, cool and foster love into daily life.

4 Ways to Stay Cool with Rose Hydrosols & Water in the Summer Season

1. Rose Eye Pads: Cool Down Alochaka Pitta. One place pitta strongly resides within the body are the eyes, known as the sub-dosha, alochaka pitta. After a long day in the sun or if your eyes are feeling a little sensitive to light, soak two organic cotton pads or thin slices of organic cucumber in a rose hydrosol or food grade rose water. Place pads on the eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes while lying down. Visualize your favorite blue, gently flowing water and take deep breaths using a count of four with each inhale and exhale. The cooling energy of roses will extract excess heat and help soothe the eyes. This can also be done to the entire face to calm redness and sunburn, but you will need a lot more pads!

Rose Water Ayurveda

2. Cold Infusion of Rose & Mint: Drinking Aromatherapy. I like to refer to this as Venus Water.  A rose-y elixir that evokes the Venusian energy of bliss and love. Make a thermos and take it on a road trip, hike or enjoy as an afternoon mocktail. Each sip is like aromatherapy. It will soothe, calm and encourage deep breaths.  This quick and easy infusion is also a great way to dazzle friends or take a thermos with you on your next spa day. For more rose recipes click here.

3. Rose Eye Drops: Redness be Gone!  Using a clean dropper, fill it with a few drops of rose hydrosol, then squeeze a few drops into the eyes. I received this treatment with the heritage brand of rose hydrosol at The Ayurvedic Institute and it felt great! A cooling relief in a hot and dry environment. If this sounds a little uneasy feeling, a great alternative is the rose eye pads.

4. Rose Spritzer: Instant Cool Down: It’s amazing what a few spritzes of rose hydrosol can do on a hot summer day. Whether you are walking down the street, on a hike, experiencing hot flashes or attending to a screaming child. A few spritzes and it’s like Calgon take me away! Food grade rose water also works great just pour some into a small spray bottle and spritz away.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. The information is not intended for use in the medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease, even if and to the extent that this article features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.


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