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Golden Honey aka Haldhi & Mhad: Immunity Booster I

tumeric & honey

A natural antibiotic. A daily vitamin. An immunity booster. A cold remedy. A cough remedy. A concentrate for tea. A reducer of inflammation. A blood purifier.

Time to make: less than 10 minutes

1 part turmeric powder
2-5 parts of your favorite honey
1 clean glass jar with a tight lid IMG_0242

In your jar, add turmeric. Slowly start to incorporate 1-2 parts honey, adding more if too thick/muddy. Mix well, this will take a couple of minutes. Adjust the flavor to your taste. There is no right or wrong, but aim for turmeric with honey and not honey with some turmeric.

Dosage: Take about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp a few times a week. Increase dosage to daily if  you’re sick or getting sick. Let it dissolve in your mouth or “chew” it the best you can. A little resistance is okay, but if you really dislike it, its not worth the negative energy. Challenge yourself a little, though. It takes time and it’s worth the long-term benefits.

Tea (an alternative option):  Add 1/2 tsp to a cup of hot (but not boiling) water with some lemon and/or ginger. This is a nice tea to sip throughout the day if you’re sick as well.

Store: in a cool place away from the sun — never in the fridge.

Spice: Turmeric
Doshas: Vata.Pitta.Kapha
Taste/Energy/Post-Digetive Effect: Bitter.Astringent.Pungent/Heating/Pungent


  1. i love your blog and i love you work. would love to meet you and chat w another herbal lover one day! im in the bay too. would also love to collaborate- maybe you can guest teach in one of my classes…. blessings, angela.. * i couldnt find your email on your site– but send me a response offline pls! thank you.

    **oh and i had a question … i heard in ayurveda tradition you are never suppose to heat honey. is this true? do you know what the medicinal and toxic implications are when it is heated?

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