Roses are summertime’s queen of the floral court. A sniff of her petals and she’ll have you wrapped in bliss with her sweet, intoxicating aroma. Feeling grounded, calm and cool even on the hottest of summer days. A high vibrational aromatic elixir, roses are medicine for pitta. A fiery, hot dosha within us all that appears in our external environment when the days are long and the temperatures run high.

Roses cooling energy and sweet aroma can act as a balancing pitta antidote for low vibrational pitta. Which can manifest in the form of emotional, angry outbursts, impatience, self-righteousness or headaches.  While an array of pleasant aromatics can promote a deep breath, in Ayurveda roses are also noted for evoking bliss. Providing nourishment for the brain and the nervous system.

These thorny plants maybe revered across cultures for their beauty, but in Ayurveda roses are medicine. Their sattvic energy means they are inherently balanced with a loving, compassionate quality that can tug at the heart like the most loving of words.

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