Looking to add a little spice to your Fall Harvest Feast this month? Here are five delicious sides (and 1 appetizer) that also happen to be vegan, dairy and gluten-free.

Happy Eating! Happy Digesting!

1. Smokin’ Sweet Cranberry Chipotle Chutney It’s amazing what a little chipotle, cumin, cinnamon, garlic and orange does to cranberry sauce. Click here for the recipe.
Chiptole Cranberry Chutney
2. It’s a Rose-Mary Citrus Party Entice those fingers to grab some pre-meal fruit. Thinly sliced citrus makes keeps it easy and clean for the chef and guests.  A  light, hydrating snack that leaves room for the main course and sides. Click here for the recipe.
Rose-Mary Citrus Platter
3. 5 Spiced Yams & Rainbow Chard Spice up yams and greens with three tasty digestive aides cumin, fennel and ginger.  A variation of the popular 5 spices and a veggieClick here for the recipe.
5 Spices w/Yams & Rainbow Chard #chitchaatchai
4. Corn in a Roasted Poblano Coconut Curry  Take the corn off the cob and this recipe can easily convert to a vegan, dairy-free creamed corn or corn dressed in a spicy coconut based sauce.  Click here for the recipe.
Corn in a Roasted Poblano Coconut Sauce - Chit.Chaat.Chai
5. Roasted Squash & Yams with Sweet Spices & a Tahini Lime Dressing This side will treat every taste the heart desires, sweet, salty, sour pungent. It’s a party in your mouth. Greek yogurt can be substituted with a vegan yogurt. Click here for the recipe.
chit-chaat-chai ayurvedic roasted squash and yam with tahini dressing

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