I have noticed that if I drink ginger tea throughout the day on a regular basis I feel better. Ginger is a warming digestive and is the perfect medicine during the cold season. Drinking ginger tea throughout the day prevents internal stagnation.  It’s like a light detoxifier supporting digestion and elimination while supporting the immune system.  A cup or tow of  ginger tea a day, can help prevent colds and congestion as well.  It’s the perfect kitchen remedy.

During the winter months, a daily dose of this simple ginger tea  or even when I’m stuck in a cold, air-conditioned room for a long period of time, has served as a nice and tasty preventative elixir. It’s light, quick, easy and not too strong so it can be sipped though the day or combined with other herbal teas. I like to think of it like a warm, homemade vitamin water. All you need is a few slices of ginger—fits perfectly in a purse, computer bag or even in the back pocket!

Fresh Ginger

Simple Ginger Tea: Quick, Easy & To Go


Dosha: VPK
 Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
 Tastes:  Pungent
 What you need: a thermos

– a few pieces of sliced ginger
– boiling water
– squeeze of lemon optional

1. Add ginger and lemon to your thermos or tea cup, pour in boiling water. Cover and let steep for five minutes or until it is at a drinkable temperature.

2. Refill throughout the day or until the taste of ginger has faded away. fade.


  • Ginger travels well! Pack a small piece in your suit case. I get made fun of but it’s a great if you travel a lot and it helps keep you regular
  • Feel a cold coming on? Add a little ginger power too and increase the number or ginger slices. If you have time, boil the water with the ginger.


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