Kitchari or khicadi (pronounced kitch-ree) while being a daily food for some South Asians, is also served during a traditional ayurvedic cleansing process and served post-cleanse. This protein-rich meal is considered to be super gentle and nourishing. Here are six reasons why to enjoy a bowl of kitchari after a cleanse:

Six Reasons to Eat Kitchari Post Cleanse

The warm, moist and soft qualities of khichadi are is so gentle and nourishing it is one of the first foods served to South Asian babies. If it’s gentle enough for a baby, it will be gentle for the digestive tract that has been working extra hard during a cleanse.

Supports the metabolic, digestive process. After a cleanse, the mind-body needs food that is lightly spiced and easy to metabolize, digest and process. Kitchari made with a few spices, yellow mung, and basmati rice helps keep the digestive fire, and agni kindling, without much effort.

White, aged basmati long grain rice has a lower glycemic index than short grain rice. Since white rice no longer has the husk, it’s also less irritating to the intestine than brown rice. Making it easier to digest and nourishing for the digestive tract.

Khichadri is complete protein aka rice and beans.  Protein is essential after a cleanse to support blood sugar levels and get the nutrients it needs. Supporting energy levels and mental clarity post-cleanse. The combination of mung and rice also provides the body with the 10 amino acids the body cannot produce.

Split and peeled mung beans are the easiest of all the lentils to digest. Yellow mung daal, is the easiest of all the pulses commonly used in South Asian cuisine to digest. It supports vata dosha, and helps keep it balanced Since mung daal does not produce gas in the body compared to garbanzo beans. If you tend to have more of a sensitive system, ensure you soak and sprout the mung overnight.

The spices keep the digestive fire kindling. Adding a few spices to a post-cleanse kitchari, can help reignite the metabolic agni or fire and support the digestion, and absorption of kitchari’s nutrients. Plus the aromatics help lift the spirt and spices come with nutrients too!

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