Seasonal Love Letters: Spring professes love to Asparagus


Hi Spring!
Hi Asparagus!

You’re looking so lovely in the market these days. With your slightly sweet and slender stalks—it’s hard to resist picking you up! Your timing couldn’t be more perfect. With your astringent taste, you help remove the excess water that has accumulated in the body from the past season. Thanks for helping to detoxify, being a great source of folic acid, and helping remove heat from the body.

All these traits help reduce inflammation, purify the blood, reduce puffiness and help prep the body for the season to come. Although the pee can smell a little funny—you’re worth it! I just love stir-frying you up with a few of my favorite herbs and spices. And for my friends who tend to run on the drier side, I plunge you in some good fats and serve you with some moist grains~ a little of you goes a long way for those who have more vata energy. Now everyone stays in balance!

Thank you Asparagus.

Much Love,


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