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Creamy Fennel & Tahini Salad Dressing

fennel fronds tahini dressing

I love making my own salad dressings. From simple vinaigrettes to creamy dressings—like this tahini based dressing. With a few basic ingredients (usually something acidic & oily), making homemade dressings are quick, simple, easy—and always fresh! Plus, I really appreciate all the extra room in my fridge.

Having recently made a jar of Fennel Fronds Pesto, from an over abundance of fronds I accumulated. I thought I’d try mixing it in with my lemony tahini dressing to jazz it up and balance the warming tahini with cooling fennel. Creating a balance between heating and cooling energy is one way to foster balance within—if your food is balanced, you are likely to be in balance.

As far as flavor goes, the fronds have a mellower taste than the seeds or the bulb, but the presence of fennel can still be tasted. If you don’t have fennel fronds to make the pesto,  you can substitute other cooling spices like dill, crushed coriander seeds, cilantro, mint or even a dash fennel powder. Spice it up to digest it up!

Dosha: VPK
Seasons: VPK
Total Time:5 mins


  • 2 tsp fennel fronds pesto
  • 1 tsp roasted tahini
  • 1 T lemon juice
  • 1 T water
  • 1/4 tsp pink/sea salt
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper

Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl and whisk well. Toss with your favorite salad & serve.

Notes: If you are substituting the pesto with another herb, consider adding more lemon and a touch of minced garlic and ginger.

Shaved Scarlett Turnips & Carrots with Fennel Fronds DressingTastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, Bitter

Tahini & Fennel Dressing: This salad dressings is also a great way to get some extra calcium, magnesium, zinc & loads of other great energy to your meal as well. Both fennel & especially tahini are rich in these vitamins and minerals. Food is medicine and your kitchen is the pharmacy!

Want to know more about the benefits of fennel? Check out this post—Digestive Fire: Keep it Kindling with Fennel


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