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preventative tips to foster wellness from cold to winter blues, inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda

Waste Not | Herb & Citrus Salt

What do you do when you have more herbs than you can use? One solution is to preserve them in salt. With more herbs, than the time or energy to cook, a Thanksgiving day, many a year ago,  I decided to shortcut the process for making herbed salt. Opting to “dump” the herbs into a salt jar. Rather than the traditional method of spreading the salt and herbs out on a baking sheet. Washing another clunky dish was not appealing and nor was wasting the herbs. With little to no energy, I put my faith in salt’s fire element. Hoping whether the salt and herbs were on a baking sheet or in a jar, salt’s heat would still extract and dry, in-turn preserving the herbs. Every day or two, I’d check up on the mixture and give the fragrant blend a stir. The aroma was as divine as therapeutic. Bringing a little sunshine to the cold, fall days. After about a week, I had a lovely jar of herbed salt. Fortunately, the short-cut method worked and since …

Digest Better: Engaging the 5 Senses with Each Bite

In a couple weeks, here in the U.S., it will we will be time for the Fall Harvest Feast. A holiday that brings people together to share a meal, laugh, and reconnect with loved ones. It’s also a time to recognize and be grateful for all the gifts we have in our lives. While it can be a joyous day,  it can also be one of overindulgence. A day in which we tend to please our emotions and often tune out the needs of our body. Transforming active, joyous energy to lethargy. How do we walk away from the table feeling mentally and emotionally happy while our body still feels energetic?  With room to digest the nourishment it just received. One practice is connecting the mind and the emotions with the body through actively engaging the five senses. Using our senses to direct our mind and emotions towards love and appreciation. If we do this prior to taking the first bite, it can help bring us into the moment. Focusing our attention towards the gift of a meal and helping to prevent mindless eating. The practice also helps prepares …

Tuesday Tip #20: Winter Blues

Feeling a little slow, sluggish, heavy, or cloudy? Is getting out of bed a process that involves hitting the snooze button a few more times than usual? It’s completely normal. The past few months, we have been replenishing the earth and water elements with us—hibernating a bit more, basking in the indoors, and eating rich foods. Ahhh…the joys of Fall and Winter. Now, we are transitioning into Spring, the time for re-birth. During this time, earth and water predominate the air, bringing with it their heavy, wet, and cold qualities. In combination with all the earth and water energy we accumulated during the past season, we are now overflowing in it. What was nourishing us last season, is now weighing us down. Some of us, especially those with more kapha qualities, can feel like we are swimming in sludge. Trying to move through and beyond the heavy, moist, wet, cloudy, mucous-y substance. Like the seed attempting to sprout and pop-up through the soil, for a little sunshine. We too need to pop-up and utilize all the energy we acquired in the Fall and …

Coconut-y Summertime Daal #chitchaatchai

5 Tips on How to Make Lentils Digestion Friendly

Lentils are a rich source of fiber, protein, and minerals, but as nutritious as they are, lentils are a gas (vata) producing food. Not fun for the digestive process and for those with vata imbalances. According to Ayurveda, healthy digestion is essential for good health. If we are unable to digest, we’re likely in-digesting. Over time, indigestion can lead to the accumulation of ama or toxins.  Eventually, this build-up can lead to disease. To prevent ama or toxins, one thing we can do is ensure our food, in this case, lentils, are digestion-friendly. Lentils are astringent in taste and are primarily comprised of air + earth. The combination of these two elements makes lentils heavy, cold and dry.  However, when cooked properly and combined with digestive spices, we can reap the nutritional benefits of lentils without the digestive issues. Here are 5 tips on how to make your favorite lentil dishes digestion-friendly

Tuesday Tip #18: Preventing Colds

Prevention, prevention, prevention. It’s all about prevention! We spend so much time fighting  colds, let’s try and prevent them from occurring in the first place. We have the power, it just requires the will to adjust our lifestyle and align to the season. Mantra: Like attracts like, opposites decrease Here’s 4 tips to help get on the prevention path: #1 What are you eating & drinking? Making small adjustments to our diet can help harmonize our internal environment with the external environment. Using the mantra above, reflect on your winter diet. Are the qualities or texture of your food/drinks similar to a cold? Are they heavy, gooey, mucous-y, cold, sticky? If what you eat and drink match these qualities, consider making dietary adjustments. Like attracts like, where as opposites create balance. Enjoy foods/drinks that light, moist, warm, and liquid-y. Choosing the opposite qualities will help get you on the path to prevention. #2 Keep it moving. With winter comes cuddle time—in front of the fireplace, staring at the Christmas tree or snuggling up on the couch with …

Tuesday Tip #17: 5 Senses-Eating

In a couple days, here in the U.S., we will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday that brings people together to share a meal, laugh, and reconnect with loved ones. It’s also a time to recognize and be grateful for all the gifts we have in our lives. While Thanksgiving is a joyous day, it can lead to overindulgence. Where we tend to please our mind and emotions and often tune out the needs of our body. Transforming active, joyous energy to lethargy. On this day, how do we walk away from the table feeling mentally and emotionally happy while our body still feels energetic with room to digest all the nourishment it just received.  One practice is connecting the mind and the emotions with the body through actively engaging the five senses. In using our senses to direct our mind and emotions towards love and appreciation, prior to taking the first bite, can help bring us into the moment. Focusing our attention towards the gift of a meal and helping to prevent mindless eating. The practice also prepares the body, allowing digestion to begin and release digestive juices prior to even the first bite. Combined …

5 Tips on How to Prevent a White Coated Tongue

This image is a mirror image taken from Ayurveda, The Science of Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad Ever wonder why one day your tongue is red and other days it has a white coating? The tongue is a wealth of knowledge. Looking at a patients tongue is common practice in Ayurveda. It can give clues on mental, emotional and physical health through its size, shape, contour, texture, surface and color. A white-coating often indicates ama or toxins (toxins) in the body related to a kapha imbalance. Suggesting an accumulation of excess mucus, heavy foods, phelgm, sugar or undigested food. Here’s 5 tips on how to prevent a white-coated tongue or help reduce the white coating: 

Tuesday Tip #15: Gassy?

Do you feel the gassy after a meal? Or randomly during the day? Do you feel gassy more often than not—especially in the Fall? Gas and flatulence are related to a vata imbalance. It’s an indication that there is a disturbance in the colon—the main seat of vata dosha. Excess gas is something we are all vulnerable to at some time or another. In Ayurveda, gas and flatulence is due to excess amount of air+ether in the colon. During the Fall season, when vata dosha predominates, imbalances in the colon can become more common. Here’s 9 tips to help aide and prevent gas and flatulence. 

Tuesday Tip # 14: Cramps

This is for all the ladies in the pitta cycle of life.     Ayurveda looks at a women’s menstrual cycle through the lens of vata, pitta or kapha doshas. The quantity or days of bleeding along with the discomfort informs which dosha dominates the monthly cycle. This can differ from a woman’s dominant constitution. Imbalances are not always the same as an individual’s dosha.  Here are 5 Tuesday Tips that  can help relieve and prevent menstrual cramps for all doshas. 

Tuesday Tip #13: Sore Eyes

If you stare at a computer all day, have sore eye sockets, watch a lot of tv/movies or your eyes just feel strained—this is for you!   According to Ayurveda, eyes are associated with Pitta Dosha (fire + water) and around the age of 40, alochaka pitta (a sub-dosha of pitta) starts becoming weaker.  Leading to irritated or strained eyes. If you work in front of a big screen, do a lot of intricate work, driving, or live in a city where pollution is high—the eyes can become irritated and build-up a lot of strain no matter your age. Here’s 6 tips that can help ease or prevent eyestrain. #1. Take a eye-break. Every hour or so, give your eyes a break. Close them or have them look at a distant object or out the window. Having the eyes focus on something different can help rest the eyes. #2. Enjoy tea time!  A warm cup of chamomile or mint can help relax your body and the mind. In-turn help relax the eyes. Don’t do what you were doing prior to having …

Tuesday Tip # 12: Brittle Nails

Are your nails rough, chip easily, dry? Or do you have ridges?   In Ayurveda, our excretions provide us with a view into the health of our 7 core tissues. Nails are a by-product of asthi dhatu or our bones. If nails are brittle or have ridges this can indicate malabsorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Tuesday Tip # 11: Sinus Congestion

Here’s 5 tips to help heal or prevent sinus congestion. I recommend trying at least 3 of the 5 if you are prone to sinus issues or are currently congested    #1 Avoid dairy, cold drinks, cheese and refined flours. When sinuses are clogged, there is an excess of sticky, cold, thick phlegm. Refraining from foods that have the same qualities, will help prevent increasing these qualities within you. Try this until you are completely in the clear. #2 Unclog with a herbal decongestant. Mix together 1 tsp of honey with 3/4 tsp of freshly grated ginger and enjoy 2-3 times a day. Both are heating and will not only help with clear sinuses, but with digestion too! A low digestive fire and heavy foods can often be the root cause that leads to clogged or congested sinuses.

Tuesday Tip # 10: Sore Throat

Is your throat feeing a little dry, slightly swollen and sore? I know mine is.  It’s officially Fall in the northern hemisphere and the quality of the air is changing daily. It’s a bit of a tug-o-war between hot and cold as we linger in this transitional space while Autumn settles in. With the wind picking up, there is also a lot more dry air, which in access to can lead to imbalances like sore throats. A sore throat is often the first sign that we may be getting sick. Let’s nip it the bud before it gets worse! Here’s 8 #tuesdaytips that may help : 

Tuesday Tip # 9: Nausea

The root cause for feeling nauseous can be many things from acidity, accumulation of toxins in the liver, pregnancy, worms, food poisoning, the flu, etc…depending on the cause, the long-term solution may vary. In the meantime, here are 5 #tuesdaytips that can help relieve the feeling of nausea, in general circumstances:

#tuesdaytip #constipation

Prevent Constipation – 5 Tips 

In the fall aka vata season, when the external environment runs dry, internally, we too can become dry. Leading to imbalances such as dry skin and constipation. Constipation is when there is difficulty in, lack of, or irregularity with elimination, which can result in ama or a build up of toxins with the body.  According to Ayurveda, it is a vata imbalance. Often connected to excessive dryness and cold within the colon. Constipation can also be due to not enough fiber in the diet, too much dry or crunchy foods, dehydration or a  lack of good fat to name a few. If you are experiencing constipation, here are 5 tips that can help with and/or prevent constipation 

Tuesday Tip # 7: Dry Skin

Is your skin starting to feel dry, getting slightly cracked? Now’s the time to nip this in the bud before we move into the dry season aka Autumn. As we approach Autumn,  the dry quality in the air becomes more apparent. Depending on where you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, the quantity of dryness will vary. Over the past few months, the sun’s energy has been prominent and over time it’s heat begins to dry out the moisture from the environment.  This also happens to us internally. Over the summer we may have accumulated extra heat from just being out in the sun, our foods, etc.  This exposure to heat, can lead to dry skin, especially as we move closer to the Fall season—when the air too is dryer. Here’s 4  #tuesdaytips that can help with and/or prevent dry skin   #1. Dispel excess heat from the body.  Avoid eating acidic foods and overly spicy foods (red chili). #2. Eat good fat. Ensure you are getting at least 1 tablespoon of good fat a day like ghee or #coconut oil. Both cool the body internally and …

Tuesday Tip # 6 : Taking Herbs

In most cases, self-medicating with herbs are safe. But don’t underestimate their force as they too are a part of—#mothernature.  Based on key questions that well-trained Ayurveda Practitioners/Doctors consider when prescribing herbs (especially #2 & #3), here are some key questions & tips to ask before purchasing and self-medicating with herbs.

Tuesday Tip # 5: Harmony

Driving through Harmony, California today, inspires today’s #tuesdaytip. According to Ayurveda, like attracts like and opposites decrease. When aiming for balance, sometimes we have to shift from one extreme to another for a short period of time, to find an optimum balance. Our own harmony.  Well, it’s really not a tip, but more a wish. May we all find our own harmony. 

Tuesday Tip # 4: Bloating

Do you feel bloated after you eat or every time you eat or before your monthly cycle? It’s likely your digestive fire needs a little boost. Here’s 3 easy #tuesdaytips to re-ignite the digestive fire.  #1 Drink fennel ginger tea a couple times during the day for at least 1 week. I like to take 1 T of fennel seeds & a few slices of fresh ginger, put it in my keen add boiling water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. I keep refilling this throughout the day until all the flavor runs out. #2 Avoid cold foods. Opt for warm and cooked meals to avoid putting out the digestive fire. Embrace food that a baby can digest and avoid cold raw foods like kale and chard. #3 Spice it up! Add  a mixture of carminative spices to every meal.  Spices are like natural digestive aides that not only help food to digest but strengthen the digestive tract.  

Tuesday Tip # 3: Insomnia

It’s the middle of the night and your wide awake. Or you’re trying to fall asleep and your mind starts racing? Insomnia it sucks… The element of fire has been activated. This can increase in the summer and early fall or if you have too much heat within your body. Here’s 2 tips that can help tame transformative fire into a restful night of slumber. #1 Early to bed, early to rise, make a person healthy, thus wealthy and wise. Begin winding down at 9:30pm (or sooner), before the element of fire becomes activated. Dim the lights, slow down all activity, turn off all stimuli connected to electricity especially those that stimulate the eyes.  Light a candle, or an infuser with calming oils like lavender or rose. Tuck yourself in at 10pm & turn-off the lights. The goal is to be asleep by 11 pm and enable the transformative energy of fire to give it’s energy to the regenerating of cells. #2 Massage your clean feet. Giving yourself some love with a warm foot massage. In the summer opt for cooling coconut oil that has been warmed and …

Tuesday Tip # 2: Anxiety

One of the best natural therapies for anxiety is abhyanga or daily oil massage. I continue to read and hear from people who practice applying oil to their body daily and they have seen tremendous results in reducing anxiety. Here’s 2 tips on the type of oil and when to apply it. Organic Sesame Oil is the best choice. It’s naturally warming to the body, it’s a heavy oil and it seeps deep into all the seven tissues, per the wisdom of Ayurveda.  Think of it as a holistic blanket that is giving you an internal hug. You can purchase the same organic sesame oil that is sold in the oil aisle of your local market (it’s cheaper and the same oil in a less fancy bottle). Applying the oil: first thing in the morning is ideal. Massage up and let the oil soak into your skin (our largest organ) for a minimum of 15 minutes, prior to showering. An alternative for when you are on the go, is to apply the oil right after showering when the pores are still open. …

Tuesday Tip # 1: Eye Goop

Do you wake up eye goop? Is there more some days than others? Is it dry or wet? Does it seal your eye shut? Eye goop, can be a sign of excess heat (pitta) in the body. #1 Notice your goop.  Take a few days to notice it, recall what you eat and see if your diet effects the quantity or the texture. If so, making adjustments to your diet can help. #2 Apply organic ghee before going to bed. One way to help remove excess heat from the eyes, it to apply organic ghee. Use it as your  eye cream at night—yes ghee can be topical too! It’s naturally cooling and will pull out excessive heat while providing lots of nourishing moisture. You may wake up with more goop the next morning, but in a couple days it will be gone.  This is also a great way to moisturize dry eyes or skin around the eyes. Sweet clarified butter dreams. Being aware of your excretions is a good practice to practice. It helps tune into the body and …