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The Sleepy Time | a saffron & nutmeg bedtime elixir

Without a worry in the world, sleeping like a baby, deeply and soundly tends to dissipate as we get older.  The natural, innate, rhythmic occurrence our mind-body requires to rejuvenate, can be challenging as we age. Slowly, taking a toll on the immune system, the digestive tract or our emotional/mental faculties. Through Ayurveda’s lens, insomnia or restless sleep usually speaks of a vata imbalance. The dosha governing all movement in the body. When vata (air + ether) become excessive, the mind-body can begin to move rapidly. Manifesting as nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and even constipation. When it comes to sleep, vata, a dosha living within us all, and the most common dosha to go out of balance in today’s age of fast living and technology, appreciates warm, nourishment. Words, rituals, foods, scents, sounds to ground its hummingbird-like energy in a soft, gentle manner. Using sensorial signals that call its attention, informing it the time has come to slow down. Similar to our childhood days, when a loved one would transition us from the active phase of …

Spring Time Masala Chai

Warming Cardamom, Ginger & Fennel Chai

Those leisurely Sunday mornings…lingering around in your favorite pajamas…slow beats vibrating softly through speakers…sun’s rays beaming in through the windows and pulling on those lethargic, sluggish strings to move on out…while the spirit snoozes under the aroma of cardamom, fennel and ginger brewing atop the stove. Ginger to heat the body, which has been dormant under the night sky, sweet cardamom to activate love, awaken the lungs, dissolve mucus and cooling fennel to lighten the body of excess air and water.  All three igniting the digestive fire, supporting movement and tantalizing the spirit through their aromatics. Masala chai Sundays are pure joy. For the past couple months, I’ve made it a spring ritual. Minimal ingredients, effort and three spices that are available in my spice cupboard at all times. This masala chai recipe is my current go to. It’s less milky, thus, less heavy than an autumn chai.  For a little extra pep with each step!


CCF:’The’ Ayurvedic Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Tea

CCF Tea—cumin, coriander, and fennel are the three key ingredients in this gentle, yet effective, detoxifying and rejuvenating classic Ayurvedic tea. Case studies shared by my teachers along with my own personal experiences have shown this tea to help with ailments that range from blood pressure imbalances, anxiety, PMS, bloating, hormonal fluctuations, and much more! I encourage you to try making and drinking this simple tea—three times a day for one month.  Whether you have an imbalance or you just want to support your digestive system, you will feel a difference (and you may even lose some weight).