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Fall's Breakfast Spice Mix #chitchaatchai

Breakfast Masala Mix for Fall (Ayurvedic)

Every season I tell myself, I am going to make a seasonal spice mix, and every season I get side tracked. But not this season! Goal accomplished and I am already seeing my  ROI.  The 15 minutes I invested to make my Breakfast Masala Mix for Fall has already saved me time, effort and less to clean up—my favorite. Now every time I make my morning porridge, eat fruit, make a batch of muesli and other dishes I have yet to explore, I am ready to spice it up. I decided to keep my breakfast mix simple to 3 of my favorite Fall friendly spices, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.  These warming spices are naturally sweet (except ginger).  A taste I want to embrace during vata or the Fall season. Their natural sweetness reduces my sugar intake while starting my morning off with the carminative energy I need to ignite my digestive fire. For those occasions, the variety lover in me wants to add another spice into the mix, I have the flexibility to do so. It’s nice having a good seasonal base to begin with and the …