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Fall's Breakfast Spice Mix #chitchaatchai

A Simple Sweet Masala for Fall

Warm up your mornings with this simple 3-ingredient masala of toasted cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger powder. Whether you sprinkle some on a bowl of warm porridge, nut butter toast, or a tea latte, the aroma will lighten up a gray, fall morning.  Prompting a deep, energizing inhalation to get lead you into your day. While the blend brings a sweet, sugarless touch to the mornings, it loves to be dusted on afternoon fruit, mixed into cookie dough, blended with yogurt, or infused into steam milk and simmering grains. Balancing your favorite fall dish with circulation and digestion-boosting spices. Pre-toasting the spices, not only deepens their flavor and aromatics, heating them a bit, cooks them ever so slightly. Taking off a bit of the edge. and sprinkled on top as a finishing spice. An ancient tradition supporting the digestive process, which also means toasted spices can also be used as is. No additional cooking required. The recipe also makes for a great base and is complimentary with spices like cloves, anise, fennel, and black pepper.