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Creamy Quinoa Khichadi with Cumin Ghee

There’s something comforting about a rice and lentil porridge that just makes me holistically feel good.  I think Naram (creamy) Khichadi (khitch-ri) is infused within each of my cells. If a month goes by and they haven’t gotten a taste of some khichadi,they begin radiating signals and I begin to crave for it. If you’ve seen my Instagram posts, you know I make khichadi quite often. Per your requests—and thank you for the encouragement, I am posting the recipe for this down home dish with a slight twist today. I never thought the day would come when khichadi, would be requested by so many!  I think my nani (maternal grandmother) would be in shock if she knew that a dish she would dare not serve at a dinner party, is now loved across many cultures. Like daal (lentil soup), the are several khichadi variations. However, the base is always moong daal and a grain—traditionally, basmati rice. Naram Khichadi or just Khichadi as we refer to it in our home, is similar to Bhuni Khichadi. It is soft, moist and easy on the digestion. The …

Post Cleanse 'Ayurvedic' Khichadi

Post Cleanse ‘Ayurvedic’ Khichadi

This year instead of going away for Labor Day weekend, I decided to treat the hardest working organ in my body, my liver, with a treat—a cleanse.  After which, I treated myself and my digestive system, with khichadi. Back in the day when I lived with my parents, khichadi rotated onto the dinner table on a bi-monthly basis, if not more.  My mom would make Naram (soft) Khichadi, which is like the consistency of porridge. It too is made with split moong, but the moong still retains the skin or peel. The flavor and consistency are quite different considering the only differences are the amount of water and using split-unpeeled moong, but the essence is the same. She would also make Bhooni Khichadi, which is similar to my recipe below. The variations for khichadi are endless and can depend on regional traditions, the occasion or on the need for some variety.  One thing is for sure, khichadi is always made with moong and a grain (most often basmati rice, a red rice or millet). Khichadi is not just an ‘Ayurvedic’ …