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4 Rose-y Ways to Stay Cool

Roses are summertime’s queen of the floral court. A sniff of her petals and she’ll have you wrapped in bliss with her sweet, intoxicating aroma. Feeling grounded, calm and cool even on the hottest of summer days. When pitta (fire + water) dosha is at its peak, roses are the aromatic elixir to balance the lower quality flames. From emotional outbursts, anxiety, to heat-related pitta headaches, roses cooling energy and sweet aroma is medicine for the spirit. Awakening loving, compassionate and peaceful vibrations to support a mind-body balance. In Ayurveda, aroma (to smell) is connected to the grounding earth element. Even on the hottest of days, when it’s hard to move, think or breathe deep, aroma grabs ahold of attention. A compelling scent can vie one to sniff and sniff again. Encouraging the breath to become longer and deeper. Deep breath then activates the circulation of stagnated air within the body. Helping to release pent-up tension and bring forth a moment of calm.

Digestive Fire: Keep it Kindling with Fennel Seeds

Fennel—a tall, aromatic plant, often found growing wild along California’s highways.  The brightly colored yellow flowers, bulb, stalk, fronds, and even the seeds of this medicinal plant are edible. Considered to be a digestive aid by many cultures, this plant is also associated with longevity and strength. Some would say, that in fennel’s ability to helps us digest, we are able to better absorb, assimilate and eliminate effectively. Enabling us to become stronger and live longer healthier lives.