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‘The’ Ayurvedic Dextoxifying & Rejuvenating Tea

CCF Tea—cumin, coriander and fennel are the three key ingredients in this gentle, yet effective, detoxifying and rejuvenating classic Ayurvedic tea. Case studies shared by my teachers along with my own personal experiences have shown this tea to help with ailments that range from blood pressure imbalances, anxiety, PMS, bloating, hormonal fluctuations, and much more! I encourage you to try making and drinking this simple tea—three times a day for one month.  Whether you have an imbalance or you just want to support your digestive system, you will feel a difference (and you may even lose some weight).

tumeric & milk

Golden Milk aka Haldhi & Dhood: An Immunity Booster II

A natural antibiotic. A daily vitamin. An immunity booster. A cough remedy. A reducer of inflammation. A blood purifier. There are many ways to make this golden treat. Below is the way my mom made it for me. It’s simple, quick, and effective. In comparison to Golden Honey, it takes more time, so I leave this for days when I have more time, want a treat, or can’t get rid of a cough. I encourage you to try it and introduce it to your kids as well. The cloves add a nice sweetness, and if it’s still too bitter, add a touch of sugar or maple syrup. This is a nice warm beverage to enjoy year-round, especially in the late Spring/early Summer. Opt for Golden Honey if you have a cold, or congestion. Time to make: about 10-15 mins

Fresh Ginger

A Cup of Ginger Tea a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

  As the weather begins to transition from winter to spring, cold to warmer, wet to wetter, maintaining a healthy balance can be challenging. The unpredictable changes in temperature are common during the Kapha season resulting in a cold, the flu or just feeling sluggish. There are many things we can do to help us during this time like increase our vitamin C intake, take shots of echinacea, oregano oil, and many more.