3 Steps to Creating Your Own Spring Cleaning Ritual

guest post by: Rucha Tadwalkar

Each spring the festival of Holi is celebrated in India. It signifies the welcoming of the harvest season, as well as new beginnings in our relationships and lives. Colored powder and water are tossed through the air. Everyone wears old clothes they don’t mind getting splashed on. No one walks away untainted or without a hue of vividness on their faces. It’s a scene of laughter and joy, as friends and strangers alike gather in the start of a literally and figuratively, new season. What a beautiful way to remind us that we always can make a fresh start.

Here in the West, some of us have our annual spring cleaning to help us remove the clutter accumulated in our households over the winter hibernation months. It, too, signifies a new beginning. Not only does clearing our spaces create more physical room, but it also helps us to mentally prepare and embrace positive change.

Below are three steps to creating your own spring cleaning ritual:

1. Let go.  What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning? Is it a pile of clothes or a cleared space open to possibilities? As soon as we open our eyes we should be reminded of the power we hold in shaping our day. If we are drowning in our physical clutter, then it’s challenging to imagine all of the ways we can evolve. Yes, organizing and having designated places for all of our things are important, however, at the same time, we should be evaluating if we even really need all those items. Remove what is no longer essential to your day-to-day living and necessary for your spiritual growth and pleasure.

2. Nurture.  Once we remove that which no longer serves our greater good, we need to replace it with that which helps us to move into connecting with our higher-selves and living with positivity. What helps you to feel grateful? How can you make your home a sanctuary and an inviting space to come back to at the end of the day? Posting inspirational words and messages around the house helps to raise our spirits. Converting walls or corners of the home into calming areas helps to uplift our minds. Bringing in elements from nature allows us to feel a connection to other living beings.

3. Manifest. There would be no purpose in creating our intentional and inspiring spaces if they didn’t help us create more meaningful lives. When we spend the majority of our time inside our homes, we should be choosing to surround ourselves with things that help us get clearer on our bigger aspirations. Once we have created this foundation and stability, we want to take these same feelings of hope, connection, and gratitude to the outside world. How can you bring that same balance to your relationships and work?  What inside of your home is helping you to manifest your ideal in other aspects of your life? We often forget that our home is where it all begins, not some isolated place only reserved for recharging ourselves, but also where we make things happen.

Something as simple as having a spring cleaning ritual can transform our lives. It can help us see what we need to let go of, what more we need to invite in, and how we can let our homes inspire the way we interact with the outside world and become the best version of ourselves. What does your spring cleaning ritual look like?


Rucha is a Certified Level I and II Meditation Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor. She serves as a Spiritual Coach, inspiring others to simplify, reflect, and make time for silence. Visit Shanti Path to learn more about Rucha’ and her services.

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